Marina Molist

We start this new section on our website with a very special guest, Marina Molist.

Marina is a tattoo artist based in Barcelona, and is considered one of the best fine line tattoo artists of the country.
Learn all about her on @marinamolist and discover her work at @m3.ink

Let's start with the most important question: Where did your interest in tattoos begin?

At the end of high school I knew that my passion was art, since whatever its form, it always caught my attention. I loved calligraphy and design and wanted to go a little further. Capturing art on the skin seemed unbelievable to me.

Tell us about a moment in your career that you keep close to your heart:

The day I decided to open my own studio. It was a decision that I made with a little fear, but it has been without a doubt the best thing I have done so far. It has been a brutal adventure.

Who would you like to tattoo? Why?

Actually, I am very excited to tattoo each and every one of the people who want to get tattooed with me. For me they are all special, and that they admire my work makes me tremendously happy. Many times I tattoo people who come from far away and that enriches me a lot as an artist.

As you know, Serendipity is a brand that cares for the environment and the well-being of the people who work in the textile industry. Is there a special cause or movement close to you?

I think it is very important to work ethically and align your values ​​with your day-to-day life and your actions. I think we should take care of the planet and be kind to it. I haven't eaten animals for about five years, and it's something that makes me feel at peace. There are always many things to improve, but every step is important.

What is your favorite way to unwind and relax?

I love reading on the beach, going for walks, and being by myself.

Tell us a book or movie that you enjoyed in the last few weeks.

Mamma mia! Here We Go Again! I think it's beautiful

Tea or coffee?

I love a good chai latte with soy milk, I think it's my favorite!

Would you share your favorite beach with us?

I love Barceloneta in the Winter and any beach on the Costa Brava in the Summer

What is your favorite Friday night plan?

Sharing a bottle of wine and a good appetizer with someone you love, while talking about life.

Favorite Serendipity piece.

Both the Rika top and the Frida Bow Bottom seem super special to me.

Learn more about Marina and her work at @marinamolist

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