Our sustainability journey

To us, it makes no sense to create something new that is not environmentally friendly. We are always on the lookout for new materials and production methods that will reduce our waste and improve the local community.

Ethical and Local Production

We believe in tradition and work with small factories in Barcelona. We constantly visit our factories during the production season and pay reasonable prices for their work, ensuring the local economy and reviving the textile tradition in our country.

Digital printing

Tous nos imprimés sont développés en interne et/ou en collaboration avec notre usine d'emboutissage. L'impression numérique nécessite également moins d'eau et nous permet de produire de plus petites quantités, ce qui nous permet d'offrir une plus grande variété d'impressions.

Tie Dye & Shibory

All our tie-dyes are made by hand in a small dry-cleaner in Barcelona. To achieve unique results, each piece is tied in a very specific way and hand-dyed at a lower temperature than that used in larger factories. This allows us to reduce the energy spent on reaching higher temperatures.

Greenspark Public Impact Profile

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