Lingerie is no longer a practical item but also an accessory, meant to be shown. The new collection incorporates sexy and feminine pieces that will become a staple on your wardrobe.

French lace and Italian silks are mixed on delicate pieces, in pastel colors that combine perfectly with silk camis that showcase the lace of our bralette, adding a sensual touch to our everyday look.

The most wanted trend, velvet, is also part of the collection, decorating straps and warming up the collection, combined with rose gold closures.

The most sensual tones are also part of the collection, starting with the classic black lace, and green shades, incorporating also the classic bordeaux, perfect for the holiday season.

All in all, a collection that combines tradition and new textures, transforming the most romantic piece into a new accessory to our everyday wardrobe.

Model: Ariadna Tàpia

Photographer: Rubén Suárez

Special thanks to the most beautiful location: Les Hamaques, pequeño hotel de campo

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